What is this system for? To strengthen the sustainability of the project, so that the client can use all the tools he has developed in the future.

Новая система состоит из перепроверки результатов после завершения проекта
The new system consists of rechecking the results after the completion of the project

”Hükli Kerwen» is the first company with which work on the new system began. In the modern business world, the services of transport and logistics companies are in demand. IP “Hükli Kerwen” is an example of this, due to the growing need for the company’s services, its expansion and success, the company has concluded a contract for consulting services with the company “Harman consulting”. The project aimed at supporting and providing consulting services in the field of management was carried out by the staff with the support of the EBRD.

Within three months, the specialists of the consulting company conducted an analysis of the company’s activities, assessed current positions, took into account risks and favorable factors, and made a forecast for the future.

Diagnostics of the personnel management system was also carried out, since the key components of the company are employees. Diagnostics helps to identify obstacles in the personnel management system and directions for improvement. Within the framework of the project, trainings for employees were conducted, existing personnel documents were developed and adjusted, Bitrix24 systems were implemented, and employee relationship and satisfaction levels were assessed.

ИП “Ýükli Kerwen"
IE Ýükli Kerwen»

Undoubtedly, company managers get used to the processes that have developed in the team and do not always see problems. External consultants, based on existing knowledge and experience, contribute to the optimization of the business process.

Harman consulting has provided all the necessary recommendations on the issues of registration and proper maintenance of internal documents of the company, such as the development of the organizational structure, collective agreement, internal labor regulations and other consulting and distribution documents.

CRM Bitrix24

Using Bitrix24 CRM helps managers to control the execution of tasks, and employees to prevent violations. For this purpose, this system has been implemented in “Hükli Kerwen”, training on its use in work has been conducted.

Three weeks after the completion of the work with “Hükli Kerwen”, Harman Consulting continues to cooperate to support the implementation of the new management system.